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The NEW PW Lite Series

The PW Lite concept was developed to meet the needs of the Trading Standards Officers who are required to carry out one-off checks at the request of the consumer, Service Engineers who may only require a single test measure when carrying out routine maintenance checks and the Service Station Manager/Owner who likes to keep track of how their dispenser nozzles are performing.

The low cost, lightweight PW Lite meets NMO Specification 7321 and OIML R-120 and is approved for use for verification, calibration and accuracy testing of fuel dispensers by the National Metrology Office (NMO, Teddington, UK)
Estimated payback is 4 weeks based on average giveaway of 0.6% and including service charge to adjust the pump

Special discounts are available for members of certain forecourt related organisations and associations. Contact us directly for more details.

  • Temperature Stable Carbon Fibre Composite Construction
  • Low Coefficient of Volumetric Expansion
  • Dent and Shatterproof
  • Lightweight 10L Test Measure (less than 2kg when empty)
  • Extended neck to reduce on/offing and early slow down of dispense when testing foaming fuels
  • Handy Dispensing Height 650mm
  • Test results are easy to observe and read
  • High Resolution Scale 1% with 10ml intervals
  • Parallel millimetre and percentage nominal volume scales
  • 63mm ID Inspection Neck
  • Sealable Calibrating Unit for easy calibration and adjustment
  • Spirit Level for easy level checking
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Seamless Glass Smooth Internal surface for reduced retention
  • 250 ID Main Vessel with conical upper shell and concave lower shell
  • Reinforced Base Rim for increased stability
Fuel Dispenser Accuracy Testing Kit

All our PUMPWATCH Test Measures are manufactured to the highest standard. Our PW Lite are factory calibrated with an accuracy of 4ml (over 2 times better than what can be read on the fuel dispenser meter).

With the factory calibration, our test measures can be used only as a reference to check the fuel dispenser. In order to carryout legal verifications, calibrations and inspections it is necessary for the test measures to be calibrated and sealed by an accredited metrology laboratory.

Weights and Measures Test Certificates.
PUMPWATCH can arrange for your test measure to be calibrated by NSAI or any accredited Legal Metrology Laboratory at an extra cost. Typically, when calibrated and sealed by a National Metrology Laboratory, our test measures have an accuracy of 0.02% or better.