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Q. Why the larger 50 litre and 100 litre measures

A. Since testing at full flow (Q max) is routinely required and because this is how 95% of all fuel is dispensed to the consumer, larger measures are increasingly required. Thus for petrol pumps operating at 45 litres/ min, and diesel pumps at 70, 120, or even 240 litre/min, larger measures are obviously more representative of the typical use of the pump by the consumer. Most national authorities now recognise the need to test with 50 litres and accordingly permit or require their use. Because smaller volumes and slow flow tests may exaggerate the errors of non linear pump performance, the routine use of 50 litre measures minimises the influence of unrepresentative tests.
It should be noted that the use of larger measures is not detrimental to the customer for smaller quantities. The Service Station owner is protected and the normal customer gets a fair measure.

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